Our Teenage Program focuses on the skills needed to best prepare and excel in their college experience. With the increasing number of college applications submitted each year, colleges are looking more to the extracurricular activities and achievements for basis of acceptance of academically similar applications. With a martial arts training program, students not only further develop the physical and mental skills useful in a college environment, but they also learn and develop one of the most effective self defense systems around today.

Achieving Black Belt, though still impressive to college application reviewers, unfortunately does not carry the same weight that it used to 10 years ago (mainly due to explosion of martial art studio growth and the resulting exponential growth of black belts). We, at USSD Laguna Beach, have created the Service and Mentoring Program for teens that expands on the commendable achievement of earning a black belt.

The Service and Mentoring Program is for the teenage student to mentor students in the childrens' class, and help develop the child to his or her full potential. This not only builds leadership and mentoring skills for the teenager, but also provides a unique opportunity to both describe the achievement of earning a black belt and the positive work done as a black belt.


Both male and female teenagers can benefit from martial arts instruction in a variety of ways. Young men learn skills that will help them assess danger and make wise decisions about when to be assertive and when to avoid confrontation. Young women also gain experience in assessing dangerous situations, and learn tactics that will help them escape and the confidence to defend themselves if escape isn??t possible.

Preparing teenagers to defend themselves while building their self-confidence is one of the greatest gifts we can give them as they cross that border to adulthood. Have you ever met a young brown belt or black belt student? You will find that they are among the most polite, self-assured and respectful people you will ever meet.

Our kempo style karate training is unlike many martial arts in our teaching approach. We focus on personal skills through one-on-one classes and group lessons. Our belt ranking system sets achievable goals that motivate while strengthening their sense of self-worth. The lessons learned in self-defense both physically and mentally will last a lifetime, and improve performance in other activities such as school (improved grades) and sports (better balance and focus). Teenagers are at the perfect age to begin studying martial arts because they are both physically able to do the movements and mentally mature enough to understand their applications.

Come see why USSD is a truly different experience from any other martial arts training you may have seen before.